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The GRID Workshop: The Complete Team. [15 NOV I 19h]


Join us with Nash Billimoria, founder of Leadership & Executive Team Consultancy to learn about the importance of teamwork and strong leadership in the workplace! Nash will be explaining to us his method called "The Complete Team" which is a unique model that combines the latest science and research and understanding of building high-performance teams with the knowledge and experience of making behavioral change successful and enjoyable.


Gain a deeper understanding of how to build high-performance teams that will accelerate your business's potential!



People On The Grid by Katrina Logie, is a network of quality people and projects that she believes in, connects, promotes and works with globally.


Katrina Logie is one the TEAMLABS/ All Star Community. Katrina, is an influencer that showcases people and builds on their brand by creating content on and off the grid. We aim to build a community for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creative types to provide them with networking opportunities, marketing strategies, events, etc. to enhance their profile and business. We are always looking for more collaborators with great ideas.


Nash Billimoria´s personal purpose, "live truth and adventure" have seen him almost lose his life in an avalanche, make a U-turn at the peak of his banking career, serve as a mentor, launch a business transformation consultancy and move to Barcelona, where he now lives with his wife and two boys.


Wednesday, 15th Nov. 7pm.


Teamlabs Barcelona [Carrer Caspe 80, Barcelona]

This activity is part of the TL/ special agenda regarding International Women´s Entrepreneuship Day.


LANGUAGE: this workshop will be in English.