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TL TALK/ Rethinking Design Thinking [7 FEB | 19 H]


GK VanPatter, CoFounder of Humantific and NextDesign Leadership Network in New York will give a talk on key findings from the soon to be published book "ReThinking Design Thinking. Understanding The Future That Has Already Arrived". 


This book is a synthesis of research, commentary and visualizations undertaken over the course of several years as part of the NextD community sensemaking initiative. The book includes the NextDesign Geographies Framework articulating the arenas of Design 1,2,3,4 as well as an overview of the challenges facing the application of design thinking methods in practice.


“Today the search for and synchronization of tools, methods and skills to increasingly complex problem scale is a quest underway in many disciplines around the world.”  GK VanPatter, CoFounder of HUMANTIFIC.





Clients Humantific has worked with range from Fortune 100, small companies and startups, and Non-profit organizations and foundation, including: BBC, Telefonica, Vodafone, City of Austin, Wells Fargo, Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, Liquidnet, EDS, Majestic Research, TED, Ford Foundation, Heron Foundation, UNICEF, Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Markets For Good...

GK VanPatter is an internationally recognized innovation architect, methodologist and capacity building advisor. His passion is building inclusive cross-disciplinary innovation cultures. His long-standing work includes the integration of visual sensemaking into complex problem finding/solving contexts. Prior to forming Humantific, he was Innovation VP at Scient, a Scient Fellow and CoFounder of Scient’s Innovation Acceleration Labs.  Former editor of NextD Journal, GK writes frequently on the subjects of strategic design thinking, and inclusive innovation. He was an early advocate of rethinking design thinking beyond product, service and experience creation. He holds a Master’s degree in design from Pratt Institute in New York. He speaks frequently at conferences on subjects related to innovation enabling in organizations and the future of design that is already here! He lives in New York City.




Wednesday, 7 February 2018. 7pm.



Teamlabs. c/Duque de Alba, 15, 1st floor. Madrid. 

Free admission with registration

*This conference will be in English (without translation)