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Regina Llopis
CEO & President Group AIA

[ALL STAR 2017]

Chairing or Membership at Boards of group startups and continue developing Business and Spinoffs for group AIA. In particular Indian and North American markets will be the focus on energy business and the BigData fast growth line in Spain to be expanded globally. 11 Years of Academic Experience. Research in AI before becoming an entrepreneur.
Regina Llopis has founded AIA, EleQuant, MAIA as well as AIA India Private Limited. Over 20 years of corporate experience, in charge of AIA strategies and global market expansion, focused on the Energy Industry market and supervising delegated lines of business in Banking, Health and Telecom. Leading funding and relationships with industrial as well as financial investors for companies related to group AIA. Has held the Direction of the Scientific Parc of Barcelona, as well as member of several government scientific committees in Spain. Recipient of “Joan Bufi” 2004 Award for innovative activities for employees assuming personal risk

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