Our relationship with Finland started long ago. Thanks to Tiimiakatemia finish methods we designed the LEINN “Leadership Entrepreneurship Innovation” Degree with the Mondragon University. 


Since then we´ve been 12 years travelling for 7 weeks to with our 1st year generations in the degree. Almost 1000 people have been creating small projects under the cold of Finland. Last winter, one of our teampreneurs contacted Laurent Notin, international business manager and mentor and collaborator of the Impact Hub network in Cambodia. They interviewed him to advise them in the projects they were developing in Helsinki.


Our Learning community is very active. We connect people through the projects we have.  In this case, thanks to the first year leinners, Laurent contacted Berta Lázaro, co-founder of Teamlabs to talk about her entrepreneurship journey.Here the podcast “Cracking the entrepreurship code”  and some insights from the interview to help others have the courage to start their journey. 


What is Teamlabs: 

“Teamlabs design hybrid ecosystems for learning, in which people and organizations jumps into projects to learn better solutions to global challenges.”


About sustainability: 

“Our generation (70s & 80s) have the sensibility of sustainability and we have been the seed for millenials to have integrated their global justice mentality. It's part of their values. (...)

They are consumers of the messages that we sent and others before us, and they own them, but they struggle as much as we do to create businesses that can be shaped coherently with those values of sustainability. (...)

We need to create new indicators for the new businesses that will arise. 

We need to create transformation indicators to integrate learning in organizations”


About the 21st skills we need: 

  • Capacity of learning to adapt to any context at any speed

  • Critical thinking to avoid misinformation and create from truth and consolidated reality 

  • Self-care to assure mental balance and care for others to create psychologically safe environments 


Success is measured by the LEARNING that you've achieved as a project in the process of creating. 


The key advices Berta gave us were: 

  • Do what you really want to do and you will find the right people in the way to jump in to create a team and continue making it happen. 

  • Don´t fall in love with the idea. Once it is in the team is not just yours anymore. 

  • Trust more on the things that you have in the moment. Build your self-esteem. “everything that you have to create what you want, it's enough!” 

  • Learning takes you anywhere. You feel fearless! 

  • It's not going to be easy and it does need to be. You are doing it because you truly want to otherwise don't do it. 


Here the full interview to join our conversation on how can we find a code to be and train TEAMpreneurs to tackle “the big f* problems in the unknown society”. 

Welcome to our community :)