Enrique Cat, first generation of the LEINN Degree in Madrid, in the list Forbes Spain '30 Under 30'

Enrique Cat, co-founder of Nostoc Biotech, and first generation of the LEINN Degree in Madrid has been recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most promising talents under thirty in Spain. The Forbes Magazine publish for the first time in Spain the famous list “30 Under 30”, curated by James Costos ex-Ambassador of the US in Spain. It identifies the 30 young most inspiring and innovative professionals of our country that has the mission of changing the world.

Enrique Cat has been working on the growth of an agriculture without-chemical pesticides for the last 6 years. He began the Degree on Biology. He quit to start his learning career with TEAMLABS/ in the Madrid  Mondragon Team Academy (MTA) LAB. He was the first generation in Madrid to start in this disruptive learning model that allows present and future to start entrepreneurial teams that runs real companies and projects with a global perspective discovering their own social impact capacity.


During his LEINN path, in 2014, Enrique created Nostoc Biotech with Guillermo Herrero, another entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in agricultural businesses. Today Nostoc is run by a team of 10 people that have created a spectrum of ecological unique products based on communities of live microorganisms that come from worm humus. They are basically very effective against plagues and sicknesses that have an enormous economical impact, as the tinder or the red spider, nematodes...Their fertilizers and non chemical protective solutions are already spread in Spain, mainly in Almeria, Granada & Huelva. Right now they are developing an e-commerce where customers will be able to acquire Nostoc products in small quantities specially designed for domestic gardens and orchards.


Enrique Cat and his project Nostoc Biotech has obtained various awards and acknowledgements. He was in 2017 the winner for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA), the biggest worldwide competition for university entrepreneurs. The Company Nostoc was selected to participate in the CRECES program of UNLTD, prestigious organization that promotes social entrepreneurship. In 2016, Nostoc was one of the first companies that raised 250.000€ from La Bolsa Social, the first spanish crowdequity platform approved by the CNMV that funds exclusively companies with social and environmental positive impact.

Enrique and all the rest of young entrepreneurs and innovators selected for Forbes 30, CONGRATULATIONS from all the Teamlabs & MTA Community!

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