Finland, the magic formula?

What does Finland have that we don’t? Where is the trick? How can we understand the success keys of finnish education? How can we import learning models from other countries of fields to our daily educational practices? How can we translate these ingredients to models adapted to our socio-cultural contexts?

TEAMLABS/ invites you to know closer two finnish education experiences:

- Kaisu Tuominiemi, coach at Mondragon Team Academy and Berta Lázaro, Teamlabs' Cofounder, based in Barcelona will talk about their experience adapting the Team Academy Finland Pedagogy in Catalonia.

- Timo Linnossuo and Juhanna Lounela from Turku University (Finland), will reflect together about the education in Finland, their successes and failures. They will share the learnings from the Tiimiakatemia network that MTA and Teamlabs belongs to, and will collectively reflect about the application in academia and business environments.

How can we find the formula that best suits us? Try to find it together!

* This event will be in english.