How Leinn Startups collaborate to create a more sustainable world together?

Countless Leinners have graduated and continued working together, if not with all of the members of their original team, but at least with some of them.

Many others who graduate from LEINN move on to start their own business. But how many of these new startups and businesses collaborate with each other? 

The case of is an interesting one. is an online marketplace that brings different ethical and responsible brands together, in one place, to make it easy for conscious consumers to live a responsible lifestyle.

The business model was developed by the team of the first generation of Leinn international, ABORA, in their learning journey to Seattle, USA in 2018. The first actual steps of bringing the startup to life were taken in Bilbao, and later in Amsterdam, when the founder Astghik went to explore the market further. The marketplace went live in November 2019, with a number of international brands. In 2020 moved back to Spain, and the team shifted their focus on the local Spanish market, which presented a good business opportunity. Re-focusing on the local Spanish market also created a perfect opportunity to collaborate more with other startups created by Leinners. 



The first “Leinner-company” that signed up to participate and reach more conscious consumers was Hemper. Hemper is perhaps the most Iconic sustainable brand not only in Leinn, but also all over Spain. The conscious brand, that provides respectable jobs for locals in Nepal and creates lasting products with sustainable materials, has become the poster-model for sustainable businesses in Spain. Many other brands are working hard to try and match the positive impact that Hemper is generating. And now Hemper has a large collection of products also available on the platform (see more here).



The next brand to join was Kokonut bowls, created by Leinners in the Madrid Lab. They produce precious bowls made of discarded coconut shells. The bowls are perfect for enjoying breakfast and enjoying that cozy Sunday morning feeling, any day of the week! The project collaborates with an NGO in India, which provides safe working conditions for rural women. Their goal is to develop safe workspaces for women, to help them become financially independent, and to support their children. (see more here).



Ekomodo was the next one to come onboard. Born as a project within a recycling company that recycles 5 million bottles a day, Ekomodo has taken up a mission of transforming waste into useful products with style. No matter how small of an improvement, every sustainable step contributes to a better world (see more here).



The latest Leinner brand to join is Hoop makeup. They are creating a sustainable choice for cosmetics consumption in order to reduce waste generation. They currently produce a Zero waste lipstick made of all-natural ingredients, which is also genderless - made for all genders. The brand started with a true passion of one of the teammates, who has always been creating natural makeup at home for herself and friends (see more here).



The core values of entrepreneurship in Leinn revolve around sustainability, social causes, doing good, and helping people. I would say all Leinn startups share those values, so collaboration and working together should be natural and easy.

We at are proud of every collaboration we have, and the unique position we have in  networking, working and creating value, not only for other Leinn startups, but also for 100+ other sustainable companies all over Spain.

We also love the opportunity we have to help people discover new sustainable products, learn about them, and buy everything at one checkout - directly from the brands, all in one location.

Needless to say, if you run/work for a sustainable brand and are reading this ->  do sign up here !

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