"Leinners impacting the world: from Kenya to Australia"

Our partner have created the opportunity to do Sonderlandfest, a mayor talent event that “connects people, activates and empowers people in order to improve the world.” 

We hosted a talk with 2 of our LEINNer community around the world to contribute to the mission of the event “to bring to life an authentic, connected and sustainable movement”. Alba Serrano Queraltó and Maria Braco represent the professional profile of the social entrepreneurs that our programs are focused on guiding. Their path has been an inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Full of obstacles and extremely meaningful.  


Alba is the co-founder of Hoco, sustainable project that recycle coconuts in Kenia to create affordable housing in Kenia


Maria, founder of IAM, an educational self-discovery  muppet and is now the product owner of Truuth a start-up that builds “secure, accurate and user-friendly digital identity services” in Australia. 


They shared their experience from identifying a need and creating a business abroad, and the challenges and learnings gathered in the process. We focus the dialogue on how do we build our paths to align ourselves with our projects, our teams and the challenges that we commit to work on. I leave some pieces of the conversation underneath. 


About the process of social entrepreneurship: 


“We need a long term mindset to understand the depth of the needs we focus and to assure that we create real impact. We need to balance targeting the long term goal and sustaining oneself in the now. 

We cannot solve a world wide problem with the startup mentality of “it´s due right now!”


Sonderland Fest is organized by Trivu and here are the partners.