We are part of the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneur Forum

It´s been already 5 years that we travel in our Learning Journey to San Francisco. Through the Learning Journeys both the LEINN & MasterYourself teams grow their international network. They travel and build collaborations to partner, promote or research other companies around the globe.

In these 5 years, Maica Gil, Founder of the SF Women Entrepreneur Forum SFWE always host our community to give them feedback and a basic framework of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. The dynamics of the Valley are very important to understand the innovative organizational culture that allows the startup scene; the value proposition of global technological businesses; and the investment possibilities for international projects to scale.

Last week we finally sign an Agreement with Heroikka, the digital platform of the SF Forum to promote the visibility of international projects co-founded by women. Now that we are part of it, our community will be our projects there to be part of the international network and create sinergies and collaborations with women in other countries. Give and Get.

Berta Lázaro, co-founder of TEAMLABS/ will also give a talk on the next SF Women Summit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria about “The skills of the future”. We need to share our knowledge and créate new one about how the future will need a training on specific skills, behavious and attitudes that will shape the future of learning and the  future of work. There is more information about the profiles of the rest of the speakers attending the conference.