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Félix Lozano

Founding partner and CEO

Félix is a founding partner and CEO of Teamlabs. He defines himself as creative, a serial entrepreneur and a learning addict. A member of the international community Mondragón Team Academy (MTA) and Careholder Partner for Impact HUB Madrid. He has been a consultant and cultural entrepreneur for more than 30 years, searching for new perspectives for his experiences in Business Management: Social and Cooperative Economy (University of Deusto, Bilbao) and Strategic Management in the Information Age (MIT, Boston). Entrepreneurial Master Program (MIT, Boston). He has had several stays at Stanford University (USA), taking part in the movement “design thinking to tackle social problems”; and in the European Centre for the Experience Economy in Amsterdam. Collaborates with the Global Startup Workshop (MIT), SmartCamp (IBM), 10x10 Public (La Fábrica), Zinc Shower (Utopic_US) and Iniciador. He has participated in more than 200 multidisciplinary innovation projects for public and private organizations. Felix’s dream is to bring all of this experience to life with TEAMLABS/.

Andrea Martínez Cuenca

Andrea Martínez Cuenca

LEINN Director & TL/ International Expansion

Curious, restless and passionate about what she does. Since she was very young she feels special interest to learn new things every day and change and innovate to create a better world. She likes risk, new things, experimenting, playing and learning about it as a team. At the age of 18, she co-founded Inway projects and developed projects in Spain, Finland, Silicon Valley, China and India. She is graduated in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN) and has created projects related to innovation, education and creativity, working with companies and institutions such as the Community of Madrid, Madrid City Council, the European Space Agency, CEU San Pablo University, Camilo José Cela University, SUIS School Shanghai, Santillana, etc. She is currently developing the expansion of Teamlabs in Mexico, promoting disruptive learning processes and doing it always with a great ambition and effort to create a positive impact on society through the education.

Pepe Becerra

Team Coach at Año-i in Mexico


Pepe, Building Engineer and social entrepreneur. He considers himself a creative person with two big passions: innovation and education. He was part of the #7 Masteryourself GEN in the Base Camp of Madrid working with entrepreneurs in BCN, Berlin, San Francisco, Japan e India. He is a facilitator in Google Activate program for entrepreneurs in Spain, helping a lot of young people to develop their entrepreneur skills. Co-Founder of Gotime SCA, a social company focused on designing and developing innovation learning experiences based on Human Centered Design approach and agile team work. Nowadays, works as Team Coach at Año-i in Mexico, an innovation program developed between Teamlabs and TEC de Monterry in Santa Fe Campus, where students from different areas work together as a team to start and develop innovative projects and business.

Bea García

Community & Content Builder

Beatriz is the director of content and the manager of projects. She has more than 10 years of experience in different fields related to culture, creativity and innovation. She’s been responsible for content in Zinc Shower in its first three editions and the director of projects at different companies such as e-culture, e- burbulla and Micelios, where she developed more than 50 social, economic and cultural innovation projects for public and private entities.

She’s greatly skilled at directing multidisciplinary work teams with the mix of curiosity, passion and technical rigour necessary to put ideas to work. After taking Masteryourself, she joined the Teamlabs community, where she is exploring how to implement team learning communities and develop the each person’s experience within them.

Javier Bernad

Team Coach LEINN/ Barcelona

Convinced that the attitude towards life is what makes the difference. Hard-worker and brutally honest, Javier is an Industrial Engineer and MBA from IESE, with a 20-year career in the management of technical teams and information systems. Passionate about understanding the behavior of people, understanding how things work and a permanent learner. The exercise of managerial responsibilities in companies of different sizes (from start-ups to listed multinationals such as Deutsche Telekom and AXA) has allowed him to acquire a strong strategic vision. Currently it has been oriented towards the improvement in education. Convinced that education is the way to empower people, allow them to live in symbiosis with their environment and contribute to society.

Sonia Borreguero

Financial Director


Specialized in Innovation Management and R + D + I Projects. More than 10 years of experience leading economic and financial management in territorial development, technology and telemarketing companies. Entrepreneur in the tourism and technology sector. Passionate Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Founding Partner of the Association of Entrepreneurs Experts and Angels Investors of Extremadura, specialized in finding funding and resources for projects and companies. Degree in Business Administration and Management, Master in Internet and Communications, Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, Master Business Administration.

Ainhoa Zamora Peralta

LEINN Director & Team Coach based in BCN/

At TEAMLABS/, concretely at MASTERYOURSELF/ , Ainhoa is in charge of how everything operates. A passionate political scientist and international relations and human rights defence enthusiast; leading and managing projects comes naturally to her: from a very young age she started to participate and lead social organizations. She’s coordinated projects in a variety of countries in Latin America on active citizenry, gender equality and empowering young people. She has been an international election observer and has led student organizations, union initiatives and NGOs. Her last adventure before TEAMLABS/ was leading the Program Young Changemakers of ASHOKA Spain. She also forms part of the 1 st Generation of MASTERYOURSELF/: BetaProjects.


Eduardo Jáuregui

Advisor and trainer, specialist in positive psychology

Eduardo is our expert in positive emotions, an optimistic attitude, sense of humor and fun at work- very important issues for innovation and the challenges of entrepreneurial projects. As multi-talented as they come, he’s been a human resources technician in Madrid, a professor at a university in Missouri, a web consultant in London, and a yoga master in Sicily. Among his work you’ll find a doctoral thesis on laughing, more than 80 articles in the press and academic journals, three educational books, two adult fables, a number of tales for children, a Goya winning short film and a web series about a geeky superhero. In 2004 he started the consulting initiative Humor Positivo, given hundreds of courses and conferences for companies like Sony, IKEA, La Caixa and Sanitas. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.

Siham Bennani

Director of admissions in Madrid

Siham is an educational psychologist and passionate about the world of education. Before starting her adventure as a team coach for LEINN she combined work on social and associative projects with business experience. Her work on social projects has ranged from the cultural integration of the Roma, to the linguistic rehabilitation of children, to going to schools for parents in disadvantaged areas. She has chaired the Granada node of the international youth network AIESEC and has been vice president at the national level. Over the last two years she has worked and developed an innovative consulting project with the company Creative Society. She has also collaborated with the IE Business School as an expert in Design Thinking methodology.

Pau Font

Talent & Communication Director / Barcelona

Pau is a polyhedric profile with experience in different fields. He had his own company, and worked as an audiovisual producer, tv, ads and digital contents. Professional musician, bass player, singer and other instruments. He worked as an artistic manager, events and shows producer. He did study telecommunications but always has been more interested in contents than tech. He has been collaborating in radio, tv and doing keynotes about technology, communication and people. He has passion for education and young people, and always has been in touch with leisure education and in recent years also in formal education as a directive in Jesuïtes Educació Foundation. Communication, business, audiovisual production and videogames teacher. Basketball fan, player, coach and referee.

Elena Gómez

Team Coach LEINN/ Madrid

Half designer, half architect and half entrepreneur. In search of artistic-creative expressions as a means of sociocultural transformation, I studied Architecture and Design, specializing in Virtual Architecture and co-founding my own company. My interest in creative acts as key parts of human development led me to specialize in Cooperation and Development of Human Settlements in Third World Countries, to eradicate substandard housing from a multidisciplinary, productive and participatory approach, collaborating with different Colombian Universities and giving and organizing workshops in Colombia, Spain and Portugal. Increasingly certain that innovation processes are main tools to generate positive impact, I specialized in leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship (TeamLabs/-Masteryourself/), co-founding HenkôExperience (life balance adn surf), training innovation and entrepreneurial processes and creating new spatial design methodologies (Google Activate, among others), applying them to educational and work spaces. I’m a lover of origami folding, taichi and japanese languaje. Culture, Art and Travel are my key sources of inspiration.

Andrés Jiménez Ramos

Andrés Jiménez Ramos

Leader Year-i México

Andrés moves through passion, is always willing to face new challenges, learn and evolve. Passionate about the business world and entrepreneurship, he understands the power of organizations to contribute value and to generate positive changes and impact in society. Co-founder of Inway Projects has developed and participated in several projects in Europe, USA, China and India focused on the leadership of high-performance teams, generating processes of open innovation, continuous learning, and implementation of agile methodologies. Graduated in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (LEINN) and specialized Service Design. He is convinced of the importance of a radical change in the educational system, at this moment he is developing the international expansion of Teamlabs in Mexico, with the aim of generating new educational innovation projects collaborating with local strategic partners.

Celia Casey

Team Coach LEINN/ Madrid

Entrepreneur by nature, she finds that at the intersections between business, education and the culture creation, you find the best fuel for social change. Fine Arts graduate with masters in social innovation & participatory economy, in music industry & production, and education, she specialized in Creative Industries through various ventures in Germany, and Spain, that took her to be a part of the 6th edition of the Creative Industries Network Executive Program at the European Design Institute. With a long history in education, she facilitates learnings in a disruptive way both in traditional and not so traditional educational environments, as well as in companies and public administrations, where she accompanies change processes towards collaborative management and networking models that put people and purpose at the center of organizations.


Marta Lago Arenas

Leader in Advanced Design

Marta does cross-cutting work at TEAMLABS/. On one hand, she collaborates on the design and deployment of MASTERYOURSELF/. On the other, she intervenes in processes with a wider scope for the development of TEAMLABS/, providing a people centered design perspective. She’s involved in how the projects are prepared. As another aspect of her professional activity, Marta is a consultant for innovation and service design. Her projects deal with diverse areas: banking, health, publishing, industrial infrastructure, etc. Marta collaborates regularly with creative agencies internationally and has participated in academic programs with different universities in Europe. Marta was a part of the design and innovation agency IDEO for several years, and that’s where design thinking came from as the backbone of her working process. Marta is a mechanical engineer for both the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and ETSI of Bilbao, and is a industrial designer for the Royal College of Art in London.


Ibai Martínez

General Manager

He loves to learn new things on an ongoing basis and to apply new trends to advance educational, academic and corporate learning methods. An innovation and teamwork lover, he’s developed more than 20 projects in the industrial, technological and education sectors. At 18 years old he co-founded Akkua and developed projects in Spain, Finland, Silicon Valley, China and India. A graduate in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN), specialized in biotechnology, he has done a masters in team entrepreneur coaching, understanding the fundamentals of the Team Academy education model (Finland). These are the reasons he speaks English, Spanish and Basque, and now Chinese as well.

Isabel Ávila

Communication Director & Talent Scouting

Isabel is the Communications Director at Teamlabs. Her challenge is to make the work of Teamlabs and the international Mondragon Team Academy network more visible and showcase it in society.

She has a Bachelor’ s degree in Journalism and a University Expert degree in Communication in Companies and Institutions from the Complutense University of Madrid, a Master’s in Corporate and Institutional Communication Digital Web 2.0 from the University of Alcalá. 

She’s been working in communications for 20 years, first with the media and later in the offices of public and private corporations associated with culture, creativity, education, and the information society. In 2010 she got started in the entrepreneurial world by launching her own communication agency, I Am Visibility, where she has worked for brands and organizations such as Microsoft, Aquarius, Iberostar, ING Direct, Vodafone, Smart, Nokia, NGO Plan International, Red.es, Club de Creativos de España, among others. She’s also taught and given talks on public relations, visibility, brands and social networks, and has presented events related to technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, such as Microsoft Talk and Foro Emprende.

Javier de Miguel Toa

Javier de Miguel Toa

Leader INN-Academy

A strong spirit guided by the ability to improve, continuous learning and the pursuit of excellence in the processes, led me to leave my career of more than 8 years around the banking sector to restart my life studying LEINN. From a vision of a human leadership style, strategic and oriented to the achievement of objectives through the development of people, I pursue the process of expansion of TeamLabs in other countries and alliances with other organizations. Learning, innovation and development as a driver of change to add value

Berta Lázaro

Founding partner and Director of TEAMLABS/ Barcelona

Started the TEAMLABS/ venture because of her concern about alternative education methods and her experience with young people in active citizenship processes. Works with the first generation of LEINN/ in Madrid doing the hard work of being the pioneers of a company, a community, a project and a dream. She applies Collaborative Design techniques in the framework of the City and in public space projects with the company that she started in 2011, Ph+ Citizen Urbanism, where she progressed her career in the world of architecture and landscapes. Researcher at the Technical University of Madrid. Masters in Urban Design from the University of Berkeley, Architect and Landscapist for ETSAUN. These qualifications and the development of strategic projects in Spain and the United States demonstrate a continuous interest in projects which transform the physical, social, cultural and economic environment. For Berta, LEINN/’s business projects and MASTERYOURSELF/ are now the tools to make this transformation happen.

Julia Ramos

Team Coach LEINN/ Madrid

Julia has lived and travelled to more than 30 countries. She is passionate about life, people, music and nature. People describe her as friendly, energetic and committed to helping others. She loves to facilitate processes of change through innovative methodologies. She is a tireless promoter of the regenerative 21st-century organisation, those which are innovative and radically sustainable. She has extensive experience in the world of business management, in addition to social entrepreneurship, with projects such as Once in a LifeTime events.org, and Red Amaltea.es. Julia has completed two masters; the first in Leadership and Strategic Sustainable Development (Sweden) and another in Communication and Public Relations (Spain), as well as a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Business Management (Switzerland).