Team Companies

La "team company", empresa real creada por un equipo de emprendedores, es el vehículo esencial del proceso de aprendizaje. Crear compañías reales y trabajar con clientes reales en proyectos reales es la base de la metodología "learning by doing" de Mondragon Team Academy.

Keywe Company
Creating our future now.

We are a Team of young entrepreneurs studying the LEINN degree in TeamLabs Barcelona (since 2016). 


Team members: Alberto Estefanell, Martí López, Arnau Pons Marin, Pep Ribas, Emma Verhnes, Belén Gaona, Samuel Bazaga, Sofya Abramschuk, Alex Canals, Jandro García, Jorge Gude, Fernando Tabares



Yosai - Futuristic tabletop game that brings video games to the physical world. After leaving the Earth and colonize a new system, humanity has created a spectacular sport. Take the control of your team in Yosai!

Lombok - After travelling Finland, Morocco, Estonia, Sweden, Paris, California, Balearic Islands and an epic adventure through Indonesia in the past six months, three kids decided to create unisex jewels. 


Inspired by every place we have been, born in Barcelona. SPREAD THE LOVE.


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