We are Unreasonable Labs Spain!


Today we have an excellent new to share with all of you. Unreasonable institute, the successful high social impact enterpreneur accelerator based in Boulder (US) has selected Teamlabs as a local partner to implement Unreasonable Lab Spain, it´s an accelerator program of 5 days targeted at start ups which aims to solve social or enviromental problems in order to improve the world.

Unreasonable institute celebrates an international call to recruit and select the best local teams in the world to carry out this accelerator program in their countries. In this edition, 78 application from 39 countries has been presented and 12 of them from the 5 continents has been seected, It´s the first time than a Spanish application has been selected and therefore , the first time it´ll be celebrated in Spain.

What does it mean?

As you may know, year after year, hundreds of enterpreneurs around the world applies to assist to their program in Boulder, where just 25 enterpreneurs has the chance to live 5 weeks with 50 incredible mentors, including Tom Chi, co-creator of Google Glasses. Paul Polak, who helped 20 millions of farmers to escape from poverty; Marc Matieu, vice president of Global marketing at Unilever and previously Global Marketing in Coca Cola, Gregory Miller, former general manager at Google; Neal Baer, executive producter of Law, Order and urgencies, Lisa Waits. technology and bussiness developer at Nokia or Hunter Lovins, Natural capitalism president, global promoter of suistainable developement named as “Green icon busiiness” and considered “Hero of Millenial planet by the magazine The Time, among other.

Unreasonable Lab Spain celebration will allow us to have in Spain this innovative and global acccelerator program in a compressed version of 5 days.

When will it be celebrated in Spain?

Unreasonable Labs Spain will be celebrated from 13rd to 17th of June 2016 and we´ll select spanish start ups which pursue a positive impact in the society, who has already a proven bussiness model and with the need of be ready to attract investors and scale their bussiness. The call for interested start ups will be posted in Teamlabs website and Unreasonable Lab Spain, you could contact more info about in the email address below: info@teamlabs.es 

Would you like to know more information about Unreasonable Institute and why they chose Teamlabs team?

Unreasonable Institute was boosted by the enterpreneurs Daniel Epstein, Teju Ravilochan, Tyler Hartung y Vladimir Dubovsky, and it´s inspired in the idea of George Bernard Shaw who said that “Reasonable person adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable or ilogic persists trying to adapt the world to himself. All the progress depends on unreasonable person”. The founder Daniel Epstein, who was the last year in Spain giving a conference at Teamlabs, was awarded by Inc. Magazine as one of the best 30 enterpreneurs of highest impact. In 2013, him and Richard Branson received the award “Enterpreneur of the World” granted by “Global Entrepreneurship Forum” . One of the most unreasonable actions and pratises that this accelerator carried out to open up their enterpreneur projects in the global market. ,It was to charter a ship with 11 enterpreneurs (one of them Spanish ,Pedro Tomás Delgado) 20 mentors, (among them archbishop Desmond Tutu Peace Nobel Prize or Vice President of Google , Megan Smith) and 600 students which did a world tour and one of the stops was Barcelona in April of 2014.

Teamlabs is a laboratory of radical learning which started his activity in 2012 with the goal to educate  professionals that the current society requires: ability to create team projects with an a high positive impact in the society, innovative and a global mentality. Our challenge, Although it could sound “unreasonable “ or “ilogic” is to revolutionize the education and contribute to strenghten our professional class proactively committed with the world ,innovative and open to colloborate. For that, we offer radical learning experiences to young people , professional and organizations in Leadership, enterpreneurship and innovation, as they ´re LEINN and MasterYourself. Learning by doing and team enterpreneurship are our keys to help them to grow according to the new net society.

Although, Teamlabs is based in Madrid and barcelona, we are present in many countries from China to India , Mexico or Finland. We´re strategic partner of Mondragon International Team Academy (MTA) co-created by an enterpreneur team which was born in 2008, in the business Sciences faculty of Mondragón University and working clsely together with TimiAkatemia in Finland. The porpose of MTA World is to transform our environment by undertaking projects in teams and basing on cooperative values as well as active learning “team learning by creating”.

Currently, MTA world is composed of a community of 743 enterpreneurs and 73 cooperatives (team cops) muliti-generation, multi-cultural, multidisciplinary and multi-located in 10 ecosystems of social  innovation (MTA Labs).