CALL FOR PAPERS: EDUMEET, Pedagogical Innovation Congress

This year we will be collaborating with  EDUMEET, International Conference on Transfers for Innovation and Pedagogical Change 2020) that will happen in December 2020. It is organized by the School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. It focuses on “rethinking the future of education and the university, imaging a new contract and agenda with the world.”


We are part of the advisor committee to propose innovative learning initiatives that take place outside academia. We need to translate socio-cultural transformation projects into pedagogical models. Academia needs to be fed by examples outside of the academic limits to be inspired and create the next steps of the transformation of education in the XXI century. 


We want to spread the word for the “Call for papers” launched. The deadline will be october 5th. We different topics to frame the research and projects are the following: 


  1. Teaching-learning methodologies. What trends, tools, agencies and contexts anticipate the future of education?
  2. Transfers the real. What experiences outside of education can be crucial to positive change in university?
  3. Hybrid reality. What kind of new strategies dealing with on-site / online life can empower education?
  4. Revolutions from / to the University. How is it possible to produce social impact from the academy (ecological or technosocial)? How can we build a renewed contract between the university and the world?

You can apply to the Congress in 2 different formats, research (more scientific and academic) and experience” (real project). 


Any doubt you might have, dont hesitate to contact the organizers

We are extremely happy to be part of this and focus on designing together a transdisciplinary and scalable learning environment.