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Conducting business in a traditional way, in today’s fast-pace environment no longer works. Bring the TeamLabs/ learning mindset into your organisation’s culture and incorporate the technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and design capabilities that will bulletproof your company against uncertainty.

We create a TEAM culture that prepares you to face the challenges in today’s society; a society that expects new business models.

We design laboratories tailored to your model

What skills do you need for your company?


Do you want a customised laboratory for your company?


Are you looking for a TeamLabs/ Specialisation Itinerary?


We set up Learning Labs for corporations and companies that want to raise their skill set in innovation and entrepreneurship by activating projects that bring the corporation closer to its development goals.

Find inspiration in our successful PROJECTS

Take Action Google

Challenge: Google’s Take Action programme needed a key partner to design and execute a unique entrepreneurship experience.

Sparkassen Foundation

Challenge: One of the objectives of the German Sparkassenstiftung was to help Mexican savings and credit institutions through their digital transformation.


Challenge: Diversify the business and develop preneurship skills and agility within the innovation teams of electric utilities.

Oxfam Intermón

Challenge: find solutions to strategic challenges for the organisation, as well as fostering a culture of innovation, continuous learning and interdepartmental work. It was an intense, memorable and motivating experience.

Suara Coop

Challenge: Select their own professionals with knowledge of Design Thinking and Prototyping methodology so as to be join the Innovation department.

Telefónica: Tour pop up

Challenge: How could we design and moderate the learning methodology that would give hundreds of young people from 7 different cities the opportunity to become entrepreneurs and have great ideas, in only two hours?


Challenge: To find tools to help manage their growth (part of which was due to acquisitions of other companies). The challenge was to align the teams and jointly build a unique business model.


Challenge: The Universia Foundation’s commitment to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the professional market brought them closer to TeamLabs/ in order to generate an environment conducive to entrepreneurship.


Challenge: To position The Circular Lab, Europe’s first circular economy innovation centre, as an open environment incentivising innovation, expanding the network of projects, suppliers and partners to maintain activity throughout the year.

Choose the ITINERARY that best suits your company needs:

Tech Team Leadership Lab

Leadership programme for organisations that want to turn their professionals into high-performance team leaders.


Specialised Diploma as Chief Learning Officer.


Implement OKR (objectives and key results) management in your company or specialise in this methodology if you are a professional by obtaining and OKR Champion certification.


Learning experiences for companies and professionals, specialising in the design and innovation of digital products and services.

TeamLabs/ methodology to get to the learning mindset:

Our methodology is based on a practical, hands on, lab culture where you can get it wrong, and learning is understood in a radical way.

  • We operate in learning labs.
  • We learn by self-managing and propelling ourselves.
  • We learn as a community and as a team. With continuous feedback.
  • We learn by doing, experimenting and exploring.
  • We learn by creating diverse and inclusive environments.
  • We learn by embarking on international journeys: our business missions.
  • We learn to take action without prior theoretical knowledge. Because we learn by working and we work whilst we are learning.

Meet all our B2B partners

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