We´re looking for 2 Team Coaches Masteryourself in Madrid and Barcelona

At Teamlabs we’re looking for two outstanding team coaches, one for Barcelona and one for Madrid to take part of Masteryourself. These team coaches should be passionate about life long learning, entrepreneurship, traveling on learning journeys, exploring new cultures while developing real projects in teams.

The main role of the Team coach consists on:

  • Team coaching entrepreneurial teams who take part of MASTERYOURSELF/
  • Advanced design, management and evaluation of the team learning experience
  • Supervision and mentoring of projects
  • International mobility with team companies (Berlin, San Francisco, China, India, Japan among other cities and countries)
  • Design and execute projects with companies related to learning, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • International talent scouting, interviewing and selection of the best entrepreneurial profiles to strengthen MASTERYOURSELF/ team companies

Our ideal team coach should have:

  • + 5 years of entrepreneurial experience
  • Ability to facilitate dialogue in teams while empowering them to create new projects
  • Experience on education, particularly on participatory learning methodologies
  • Experience on emergent knowledge: design, tech, high impact entrepreneurship, new organizational models
  • Well developed digital identity and great communication skills (online and onlife)
  • Speak both English and Spanish fluently
  • Proactive attitude of leading yourself while enabling team creation 

If you think you fit the profile, please send us an email at max@teamlabs.es or Linkedin before September 10th, 2016,


We create and offer radical learning experiences for young people, professionals and organizations. Learning by doing and team entrepreneurship are our keys to help us grow in tune with the new interconnected society. We want to revolutionize education and help strengthen a professional class proactively committed to the world, innovative and open to collaboration.  

-MASTERYOURSELF/. An in-person 12 month program designed to refocus your professional career through innovative entrepreneurial team projects while you travel the world.

- LEINN/. Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN) is the only official international bachelor’s degree for entrepreneurs that exists in Spain, and the only one that has implemented a cutting edge innovative educational methodology from Finland. It is based on three basic pillars: learn by doing, team entrepreneurship, and international learning trips. 

- LABS/. The LABS/ are practical hands-on and in-person educational units which are short (normally, 10-15 hours over 2 days) on key and emerging themes in innovative entrepreneurship.

We also develop projects with organizations like Google Spain, US Embassy Spain, Unreasonable Institute (Unreasonable Lab Spain), Telefónica, La Caixa...