3 Leinners in the Sondersland’s List “Top 10 Women Leaders Under 30”

Sondersland has presented the Top 10 Women Leaders List, during an event that took place in Madrid on the 8th-11th of September: this index recognizes 10 under30 women leaders who break stereotypes and labels,through their work and visibility,  generating a change.

Indeed, these women work in a leadership position that we usually attribute to men. 

Teamlabs/ and LEINN have representatives in the list because 3 LEINNers (young women graduates in LEINN Degree - Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) have been chosen among the 10 women. 
They are Gloria Gubianas, co-founder of Hemper Handmade, Sara Baceiredo, Co-founder of Its Lava and Andrea Martínez, co-director of LEINN Degree at Teamlabs. 

LEINN is an innovation degree promoted by University of Mondragon and TEAMLABS/. From the first day, our LEINNers stopped being just students and they became team entrepreneurs, global citizens and agents of change and innovation agents. 

The other seven young women who are part of the Top 10 Women Leaders list are Inés María Martínez Bragado and Irene Campo Frías, Founders of Farma Leaders Talento; Maria Martinez Romero, economic reporter at Dow Jones Newswires; Alejandra Acosta, social entrepreneur; Elsa Arnaiz Chico, president and director of Talento para Futuro; Elena Audi Llopart, data analyst; Laura Martín Torruella, co-founder of Ayúdame 3D; and Koro López, data analyst; Elsa Arnaiz Chico, president and director of Talento para el Futuro; Elena Audi Llopart, data analyst; Laura Martín Torruella, co-founder of Ayúdame 3D; and Koro López de Uralde Castellano, co-founder of No time and specialist in ecological branding and marketing.

This edition of the Sondersland event was organized by Trivu, the largest ecosystem of young talent in the World.

The purpose of the event was to speak about different aspects related to Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship: fundamental issues of our society such as the role of women in leadership positions. 

In the Women Leaders panel, in which some young women participated, Laura Martín, co-founder of Ayúdame 3D, commented that one of the most important factors for greater visibility of women is sisterhood and being willing to help each other to prosper in sectors associated with men, such as technology, where men continue to hold the most important positions. 

Andrea Martínez, director of LEINN, agrees with this statement and believes that in order to pave the way for future female entrepreneurs, it is necessary to support projects that provide greater visibility so that all women can advance and thus bring about change. Likewise, for Gloria Gubianas, she thinks that a woman must have role models among the top management of companies, if she wants to aspire to be an executive. 

Sisterhood becomes the main tool for building a new future for women. As Alejandra Acosta, a social entrepreneur, points out, supporting more projects led by women is the key to building a future in which women who are now in worse conditions, could be included and represented.

Below you can see the Womens Leaders panel in Sonderland