Students of the Master in Entrepreneurship of Sorbonne University visit Teamlabs/ Barcelona



We are a team, we are a community 


One of our most important challenges is the development of our learning community. 

Indeed, Teamlabs/ is a community that grows between two radical learning laboratories in Madrid and in Barcelona through our educational programs: Lit, CLO and LEINN

Our purpose is to encourage talent through a radical learning methodology.


Moreover, we are proud of being part of the international network MTA - Mondragon Team Academy and we are involved in the cities where we work, in Spain, Latin America and China: we are creating alliances between local institutions, organisations and educational entities.  


An international agenda 


In this context, we have had the opportunity to exchange learning experiences with universities and international entities. 

A few weeks ago, we hosted Master ‘students of the Programme in Innovation, Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development of the Sorbonne University in Paris at our laboratory in Barcelona


It is wonderful that one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world such as the Sorbonne is interested in our methodology and in networking with our community.


Our Leinners (young people who are studying the LEINN degree) presented to the Sorbonne students some of their projects developed in Team Companies (real enterprises) - Gloop, Filma and Woman Camp -  in the frame of environmental issues and women’s empowerment.


We also presented our ecosystem: our laboratory and coworking space, all LEINN’s team companies and our network of partners. On the other hand, we focused on the explanation of our educational model that promotes innovation, leadership and teamwork. 


At the same time, French students have explained how their careers work and in what kind of projects they are involved in. The main focus of the Master is sustainable innovation and environment: they develop projects and intern in companies committed to these issues and - like us – they follow the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.

Certainly, it has been a very interesting dialogue between "distant" young people and different countries who live the same mission and work for the same purpose.


Sharing experiences, projects, learning are fundamental aspects of our work and creating partnerships at international level motivates us further to achieve the Teamlabs’ mission: make the World a radical learning lab.


Next steps 


We are looking forward to next year with much enthusiasm and awareness of our commitment that has grown every year, since 2011.

In the coming months, we will work and build partnerships with our international partners. 

Next academic year, our Leinners will travel around the World - Finland, Berlin, Korea, Costa Rica.... - and they will bring their projects through the Learning Journey. 

Similarly, our team will continue with the development of initiatives such as Hack Extreme to encourage innovation in Portugal and Extremadura and we have already planned a partnership with the City of Knowledge of Panama and Tsinghua University of Beijing.


The world does not exist to be contemplated, but to be transformed.