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10 “Unreasonable” projects from Spain which will change the world

7 de June de 2016

Unreasonable Institute, the most important in the world young social enterpreneurs accelerator, and Teamlabs, radical learning laboratory, which promotes team enterpreneurship, announs today , the 10 high impact projects  selected out of 100 projects applied to Unreasonable Labs Spain, It´s an Investment Preparedness 5-day Lab, an intensive training accelerator designed to help Spain-based ventures that has the goal to change the world.

Below, You´ll discover the 10 high impact projects selected in Spain which will help to generate positive change in the society:

  • The Third Half. It´s a tour operator specialized in managing educative journeys with voluntary elements via sports in international level. It arises whit the unión of  2 organizations (eSoccer y streetfootballworld) and it has as a goal to reach at least 40 ONGs in the next 4 years. The cofunder and CEO of this Project is German Arguelles.
  • Sequential Biotech . As a goal , they have to find sostenible model  which will help to solve disequality in Health sector. They´re developing Artepharming, an affordable medicine with plants to fight against malaria. To combat  malaria is combat poverty as well. His promotor is Luis Matías.
  • Sheedo: The paper will no dissappear, but there are alternatives much respectfull with the environment to comply with the same function. Sheedo is an alternative to traditional paper, above their use is ephimeral. Its a paper os sedes, 100%ecological hand made with organic cotton fibers. After use it, you can plant and create life. The creators of  this Project are youn people that is doing LEINN degree (Leadership, Enterpreneurship and Innovation) Gloria Gubianas, Carlos Sandoval,  Gala Freixa y Gonzalo Mestre.
  • Xmigrations.com Its a global browser to connect travelers and companies to facilitate international movility, working for accomodation for free. Ecological, because with each booking a percent of the Price it´ll be donated to local enviroenmental actions, decreasing ecological footprint produced by visiting the rural enviromental. Responsible , because they´ll qualify the accomodations in function of their enviromental quality, bu using criterias from The International Ecotourism Society (TIES). the promotor y CEO is Manuel R. Elena Navarro.
  • Voluntechies A Project to help children in the hospitals trought new technologies as virtual reality os drones. El promotor es Francisco Rojo.
  • Sensovida . They help old people who live alone to be more secure, detecting automatelly if they´re right, using sensors placed in each room and informing to the family if they are right by cellphones. The creators are  Fidel de la Hoya, Elvira Morán y Eduardo Moreno Lamana.
  • ilusion + . El proyecto Ilusión+ está fundado por Gina Graciela Córdova y Pau Torres Más., Instead of adversity from the diagnosis of ELA, they decided to undertake joining their passión for the families that are in the same situation. With their Project Ilusion+ , based in buying high quality wines in Internet pretends to raise Money for different projects related to neuro degeneratives diseases.
  • Moringa Green Project (MGP),will teach africans agriculturers how to transform and improve their crops to solve hunger and enable them to obtain high profits from te activity. La moringa (Mroinga Olifeira) is a tree whith high nutritive and medicinal gifts because of his leaves and seeds. In addition to feed, it´s really demanded in Europe and his cost is 100euros per kilogramme once it´s proccessed. The members of this team are Iñaki Clavería, Laura Rubio, Yovanna Gorrín, Raquel Hernández y Elsa Díaz.
  • Literates. An App that will allow to alfabetisize people as well as improve Reading skills which are evaluated with different levels and exists a methodology where users can be student or tutor. Furthermore, It´ll be supported by a volunteers-tutors community. This Project is launched by Alejandra Espinoza , Ignacio Caño Cuna y Vicent Rosso.
  • OutbarriersUna App that alerts blind people when there áre problems in the streets using voice mails throught Ibeacon making the city visible for everybody. The founders are José Manuel Robles, Adrián Martinez y José Hermoso.

Unreasonable Lab Spain, which is supported by Blue BBVA, will be celebrated from 13th to 17th of June in Teamlabs, innovative an enterpreneur urban campus in  wMadrid. During 5 days, the 10 selected startups will have the opportunity to meet with the principal investors and mentors from our country and receive tuitution trought practise workshops with a sngle metodology that will allow them to prepare their company to finance their growth.

The mentors of Unreasonable Labs Spain are:

Jose Mari Luzarraga, cofounder of Mondragon Team Academy (MTA World); Félix Lozano, cofounder and CEO de Teamlabs; Elena García, Head of  enterpreneurship of Sabadell Bstartups: Carlos Serrano,  Investor manager in Angels Capital; Luis Berruguete y Francisco Soler, coordinator and Investment director of Fundación CREAS, respectivamente; Adrián García-Aranyos y Jaime Pérez, Managing Director y Manager, Entrepreneur Selection & Growth en Endeavor,; Tomás Baylac, Head de Finances in Opinno; Conchita Galdón, Director of Área 31, einnovation and enterpreneurship of IE Business School; Gustavo Tissera, founder of The Growth Acceleration Team; José Moncada, General Director of La Bolsa Social; Paz Ambrosy, managing partner Global Institutional Investor; Rodrigo Aguirre de Carcer, Director in Ambar Capital and founder of Vivergi Social Impact Fund; Jorge González, Business Development Executive en IBM Spain.

 Open Day Unreasonable Lab Spain, 16th of junio, 19.30h.- 

In Unreasonable Lab Spain frame, an open day will be celebrated, It´s an open sesión on Thursday 16th of June at 19 :30 in Teamlabs Madrid (c/ Duque de Alba, 15) where you´ll be able to meet the 10 high impact startups that will participate in the first Unreasonable Lab Spain and have the chance to do networking. You can find you´re invitation in Teamlabs web. (limited capacity).

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