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Connecting communities, generating global ecosystem

19 de December de 2023

We hosted at our lab in Barcelona a group of brave team coaches from Tiimiakatemia Prague. What have we learned from this experience?

By Carla Filannino, Community Coach LEINN & Content Editor BCN.

First of all: an introduction about Tiimiakatemia 

Tiimiakatemia is the organization that develops the methodology that we use in LEINN. Indeed, it represents our origins. 

Today, the purpose of the organization is to prepare brave team coaches who are responsible for the learning of the leaders of the future. 

Last academic year, we also had the honor to welcome Heikki Tovianen, CEO of Tiimiakatemia Global who spoke about the importance of learning with a team and using a learning diary during all our learning processes.

A group of brave team coaches visited us

This year we hosted a group of team coaches who carried out a module of Team Mastery: specialized course to be team coach in Tiimiakatemia network. 

We shared together different moments as a community: we knew each other at a networking event and our LEINNers had the opportunity to share projects and receive feedbacks from people who have different points of view. 

As we said many times: we are united but not uniform and also during this experience we have understood the importance of having these cross meetings between our different networks. We had the privilege to share different styles of team developing, coaching and traveling. 

Moreover, hosting them in our lab also means offering another inspiration about learning as a team coaches. 

A very enriching moment of sharing between our two communities was a speed mentoring between our penguins (1st grade LEINNers) and Tiimiakatemia team coaches. Our LEINNers asked for feedbacks about the projects they will bring to the business missions in Helsinki or in Berlin. 

It was a good opportunity to understand another point of view from a different culture: indeed, the team coaches that work at Tiimiakatemia Prague have different origins, as Finland or China. 

See you around the World, our “game board” 

At the end of the experience, we shared our learnings and it was a great moment to understand our purpose and make our mission clearer. We said goodbye at our gamebord: the World map that is in the hall of our LAB. 

There we started to design with a thread our next steps. 

What makes us move? We learn by billing and our first purpose is to generate new business. 

Creating projects as a team, making resources, creating business are a part of a learning path where we generate a huge social, economic and environmental impact, to create communities and help other people in professional development.

So, this is the learning path of entrepreneurs and we are training on it every day in this! 

And it was an honor learned from another team: we connect communities and generate a global ecosystem. 

Thank you so much, Tiimiakatemia Prague and Jukka Hassinen – head coach of the team for choosing our lab and making this exchange possible! 

See you around, guys!

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