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5 de October de 2021

Between August and September, 400 new team entrepreneurs, in 9 locations, have started the Official European Bachelor Degree LEINN (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation), creating 23 new team companies as learning tools that allow them to develop entrepreneurial projects from the first day in the Degree. For the first time in 12 years, the community has more than 1,000 active team entrepreneurs discovering LEINN, reaching 74 team companies across the different Labs of Mondragon Team Academy (MTA). 

At our labs in Madrid and Barcelona, we had welcomed more then 160 new Leinners and they have created eight new team companies. 

Team Companies are the learning vehicle we have at LEINN to grow and transform. From the very first week we create teams of 15 to 18 people, where different profiles have the mission to set up a Junior Enterprise that will serve as a learning tool through the creation of real entrepreneurial projects. With these projects they will have to visit clients, validate hypotheses, learn to communicate their value proposition, measure their impact and even send an invoice. This is the way we learn at MTA and LEINN, “Team Learning by Creating”, through the spiral of action and reflection. 

In the first week, the Welcoming events take place in the respective Labs, putting them directly into action mode as they organise their first weeks, thus making them responsible for their learning. In each Lab, the theme and actions of the Welcoming are unique, although in all of them the objectives are the same: connect with the lab and the team of companions (mentors, Team Coaches, experts…), get to know the ecosystem, share feelings with other generations and realise that they will have a lot to unlearn in the first months of this experience. 

During the following weeks, they will go through two key moments during the first year process: the Forest & Back, where the teams are created, and the first Learning Journey. 

Precisely in the first weeks of this adventure, in order to connect with different cultures and empathise with global problems and act locally, the first year learning journeys take place. This year they will be travelling to Finland or Berlin. But this is only for first year LEINNers. In total at least 30 Learning Journeys to different destinations such as Bilbao, Seoul or Costa Rica will take place during the following months. In these international experiences, in addition to the connection with the local culture and the development of projects, they will travel with Team Companies from other labs, which enriches individual and team learning. 

Mondragon Team Academy – MTA – is an international community of +2.500 team-entrepreneurs co-creating a global network of social innovation ecosystem Labs.



Sngular. C. Labastida, 1
28034 Madrid.
Pallars, 73
08018 Barcelona
936 31 44 54
644 55 80 19 (LEINN admissions)
Beatas, 34.
29008 Málaga
678 928 567
644 55 80 19 (LEINN admisiones)

LEINN/ 644 55 80 19
CLO Diploma & Master LIT and New Roles/ 600 02 27 20
Hours/Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm (Madrid and BCN) and from 9am to 7pm (Malaga).


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